Vrijhof cultuur presenteert… Global Comedy Night met Isak Jansson (Zweden), Kristel Zweers (NL) en

Vrijhof cultuur presenteert… Global Comedy Night met Isak Jansson (Zweden), Kristel Zweers (NL) en MC Adam Fields (UK)


Enschede – Woensdag 12 december presenteert Vrijhof Cultuur opnieuw een avond stand-up comedy in de Global Lounge van de Bastille op de Campus van de Universiteit Twente. MC Adam Fields’ special guests zijn deze: Isak Jansson uit Zweden en de Nederlandse Kristel Zweers. Dus behoefte aan iets vrolijks in deze donkere dagen? Bestel dan snel je kaarten op www.utwente.nl/cultuur!


The Global Comedy Night is an evening stand-up in its purest form. 

Hilarious, inventive, sometimes a little strange or with a musical twist, but always funny. Because that’s what comedy is all about: the joke! 

The Comedy Night is a relaxed night. Make sure you have your favorite drink within reach when the best comedians hit the stage.

Isak Jansson is one of Sweden’s top international comedy acts. He has spread Swedish comedy all over the world in places like Russia, India, South Africa, Finland, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Estonia, China, etc. His comedy style mixes observational comedy with an absurdist touch, all in a high energy physical stage persona.  

He is currently touring with Ola Aurell in their comedy show ”Quick - en humorshow”, about the serial killer/pathological liar Thomas Quick. He has also toured with "It´s the Flourist’s Fault” 2013 and ”Isak Jansson solves all the worlds problems in 60 minutes" (2016).  

Besides standup he is also the host of the popular Swedish podcast Rollspelsklubben. 

Kristel Zweers kick-started her career by winning the second prize in the Dutch Lucky Strike Comedy Talent Tour in 2001. Ever since she has been performing at about every comedy stage there is in Holland. As one of the few female comedians she managed to survive the harsh comedy scene, became a regular headliner and toured Holland and Belgium with 4 of her own 90 minute solo-shows.

After she moved to Singapore in June 2013 she started to perform in English, and again,  she didn't stay unnoticed. Her straight- forwardness and 'no nonsense' comedy style were received with enthusiasm and have taken her to China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Sri Lanka, Australia, Florida, Czech Republic and New Zealand. Now she is back in The Netherlands, but will perform in English.

Master of Ceremonies is Adam Fields, a true Londoner currently living in Amsterdam. 


Datum : Woensdag 12 december

Volgende edities op woensdag 6 februari 2019 en 24 april 2019

Tijd      : 19.30 uur

Plaats  : Vrijhof, Universiteit Twente


Soort evenement

12 december 2018 vanaf 19:30 tot 23:59

Vrijhof, Universiteit Twente