Vrijhof cultuur presenteert… Global Comedy Night met Scott Capurro (USA), Kor Hoebe (NL) en MC Ada

Vrijhof cultuur presenteert… Global Comedy Night met Scott Capurro (USA), Kor Hoebe (NL) en MC Adam Fields (UK)

Woensdag 5 februari presenteert Vrijhof Cultuur opnieuw een avond stand-up comedy in de Global Lounge van de Bastille op de Campus van de Universiteit Twente. MC Adam Fields’ special guests zijn deze keer de Scott Capurro, all the way from the USA, en de Nederlander Kor Hoebe. Dus behoefte aan iets vrolijks in deze grijze dagen? Bestel dan snel je kaarten op www.utwente.nl/cultuur!

The Global Comedy Night is an evening stand-up in its purest form. 

Hilarious, inventive, sometimes a little strange or with a musical twist, but always funny. Because that’s what comedy is all about: the joke! 

The Comedy Night is a relaxed night. Make sure you have your favourite drink within reach when the best comedians hit the stage.

Scott Capurro

Scott Capurro is the one of nature’s great raconteurs. Challenging, sometimes outrageous, but intimate too and most shockingly occasionally full of doubt. On stage, as in life, Scott wrangles with rich friends, worthy yoga and the miseries of home ownership. Capurro shows that every silver lining is attached to a rather imposing cloud, spinning yarns that are meant to resolve issues, but which oddly have the opposing effect.

Kor Hoebe

Kor Hoebe is a comedian from Amsterdam who is not often there, because he performs throughout the country. He looks like Boris Becker and looks like a German, he says himself. Yet he is half Dutch and half Polish. But let’s not complain about that. He is just a unique stage animal!

Adam Fields

Master of Ceremonies is Adam Fields, a true Londoner currently living in Amsterdam. We are very happy he’s joining us again for the four Global Comedy Nights in 2020!


Datum : Woensdag 5 februari

Tijd      : 19.30 uur

Plaats  : Global Lounge – Bastille, Universiteit Twente


Soort evenement

5 februari 2020 vanaf 19:30 tot 23:59

Global Lounge – Bastille, Universiteit Twente